Custom Calling Features

Custom Calling Features


Custom Calling Feature Prices
Speed Calling 8 #'s - $.50 per month
  30 #'s - $1.00 per month
Calling Name & Number Number Only - FREE!
Name & Number - $2.50/mo.
Distinctive Ringing $1.00/mo.
Call Waiting FREE!
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting $1.00/mo.
Selective Call Rejection $1.00/mo.
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.00/mo.
Per Call Display Blocking $1.00/mo.
Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Busy, 
Selective Call Forwarding
Three Way Calling $1.00/mo.
Voice Mail  

Save Time... Use Speed Calling 8 for Your Most Frequent Calls
This time saving feature lets you assign up to 8 of your most frequently called numbers, local or long distance, to simple one digit codes. To call a party on your speed call list, dial a simple, easily remembered one digit number. Speed Calling is also available as a package of 30 two digit numbers. - Usage Instructions -

Who is Calling??? Calling Name and Number
Calling Name Display and Calling Number Display allows you to see who is calling before you answer. You choose which calls to answer immediately and which ones to return at a more convenient time. Calling Number Display and Calling Name Display are available separately or as a package. - Usage Instructions -

With Selective Call Acceptance You Choose Who Calls...
Selective Call Acceptance allows you to create a list of telephone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Callers whose numbers are not on the list will be answered by a recorded announcement and your phone will not ring. Calls from numbers on your list will be accepted and ring to your phone. Usage Instructions -

Need an Extra Line? Think About Coded/Distinctive Ringing.
Do you run a small business or is your house plagued with the 'it's for me' syndrome? Coded/Distinctive Ringing may be the answer.  It is a great solution for a fax machine. Have up to 4 phone numbers on your single line for less than the cost of another line. Each number has it's own distinctive ring, so you know who the call is for. Call today and ask about our coded ringing service. Usage Instructions -

Don't Miss That Important Call, Subscribe to Call Waiting
If you are using your telephone, Call Waiting notifies you when you have another call. When you hear a special 'Call Waiting' tone, you can answer the new call without hanging up on the first caller. Call Waiting is the ideal feature for small businesses or busy households. Talk to your telephone company today about subscribing to Call Waiting. Usage Instructions -

To Each Their Own...Ring - Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
Distinctive Ringing distinguishes important calls from the rest of your calls by a distinctive ring. Select numbers of callers who your don't want to miss. And when you are already talking on the phone, Distinctive Call Waiting tone will inform you whether the second call is one you don't want to miss.

Screen Out Unwanted Calls with Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Rejection service lets your reject unwanted calls. A list of directory numbers is used to determine which calls to reject. When this feature is activated, incoming calls from a number on the list will be answered by a recorded message. The caller will be informed that you are not taking calls from that number. Your phone will not ring. Adding or removing numbers from the list is easily done from your own phone. -Usage Instructions -

Refuse Calls... Anonymous Call Rejection
Anonymous Call Rejection lets you refuse callers who have blocked their number from your Caller ID display. These callers will receive an announcement indicating that you will not accept anonymous calls. They will be instructed to remove call display blocking and call again. Calls without call display blocking will ring your telephone normally. Usage Instructions -

You Decide When You Want Your Name and Telephone Number Displayed... Use Per Call Display Blocking
For the occasions when you prefer that your phone number not be displayed, Call Display Blocking prevents the display of your name and number on outgoing calls. Call Display Blocking allows you to keep your name and number private. Usage Instructions -

Your Calls Come With You... Call Forwarding
When you are out of your home, visiting the neighbors, or in the shop, Call Forwarding will transfer your calls from your phone to a phone where you can be reached. Simply enter the number of the telephone where you will be and calls to your number will be automatically sent to that number. You calls may even be sent to an out of town number. Usage Instructions -

You can be in Two Places at Once! Call Forwarding No Answer
With Call Forwarding No Answer, your telephone is automatically forwarded to another party if you don't answer. Calls to your phone will ring normally. If you do not answer after a predetermined number of rings, the call is automatically forwarded to a number which you have entered when you activate the feature. Usage Instructions -

Don't Miss Your Calls... Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding Busy lets you forward your calls to another phone number when your line is busy. You choose a number you want your calls forwarded to. Call Forwarding Busy automatically transfers your incoming calls to that phone, when your phone is busy. Call Forwarding Busy is ideal for small businesses or hectic households. Usage Instructions -

Keep In Touch With the Right People with Selective Call Forwarding
Selective Call Forwarding lets you transfer the calls you want to another phone. A list of numbers which you want forwarded if they call you, is kept by your local telephone company. Calls from these numbers will be automatically forwarded to the number of your choice. Calls from numbers not on the list will continue to ring to your phone as usual. Usage Instructions-

Three People, Three Places, One Conversation. Subscribe to Three Way Calling.
Three-Way Calling lets you add a third person to your conversation at any time regardless of who initiated the call. With this service you can talk to two friends or family members at the same time. For business you can now discuss projects, schedules, or other plans by conferencing a third person directly on your line. Save time any money by getting everything sorted out in a single call. Usage Instructions -

Keep Working... Automatic Callback Does the Dialing
Automatic Callback dials phone numbers for you and then alerts you when the line is free and the call is ready to go through. Automatic Callback saves you valuable time. You can handle other tasks while this service keeps trying to reach an important busy number. Meanwhile your line stays free for others to use. Usage Instructions -

With Voice Mail You Always 'Get the Message'
Voice Mail is a personalized service that takes messages for you when your phone is busy or unanswered. Simply record your personal greeting and callers will be instructed to leave a message. You may listen to your caller's messages at any time for any touch tone phone. Messages can also be stored for later reference.  -Usage Instructions

Wondering Who Called? ... Automatic Recall
Suppose you weren't at home. You were on another line. You couldn't get to the phone in time. You missed the call... With Automatic Recall you don't need to wonder who called. Automatic Recall calls back the last number that called you, even if you didn't answer. Usage Instructions -