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Only the account holder and authorized account contacts listed below will be able to obtain information or make changes on your account.
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You can list up to 4 additional contacts (they must know your account password)
(used if you forget your password)
Email Address Of Record
Under the FCC rules governing the use and disclosure of CPNI, there are certain circumstances under which TBC may be permitted to respond to your inquiries regarding call detail information or certain account information only by calling the telephone number listed on the account or sending such information to the mailing address or electronic address of record. Your mailing address of record is the billing address for your account, if you wish to establish an electronic address of record, you must notify us of the email address you wish to designate as your electronic address of record. In order to be considered an electronic address of record, the designated email address must be on file with the company for at least thirty (30) days. You can provide us with an email address below to establish an email address as an electronic “address of record” only for purposes of service and account inquiries, including inquiries relating to CPNI. This will not change the billing address of record for your account. If you wish to establish an electronic address of record for service and account inquiries, please take this opportunity to complete the section below. Email communications from you will need to include your account password
Payment Options
In addition to returning your payment via the payment envelope included with a paper bill, you can pay with your MasterCard, VISA, Discover or debit card in person or with a phone call to our office. We also have a payment drop box at our office that is accessible 24/7. We also offer the eBill and automatic payment options below.
Would you like to receive your bill by email? We offer a $5 credit on your first bill if you sign up for eBill. eBill allows you to view and/or pay your bill online and you can set up automatic payments using a credit card or your checking account with the date of your choice. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER BILL.
Would you like to have auto payment (collected on the 19th of each month) from your checking or savings account or credit card? You will still receive a paper bill.
Telephone Service
If yes, complete the Directory Information, Telephone Service Information, Link-up & Lifeline, Custom Calling Features, and Long Distance, Preferred Carrier Freeze and Voice Mail Sections below. Local phone service is required if you want Internet and/or Digital TV Service.
Directory Information
Telephone Service Information
($ .50/month); the wiring inside the customer premise is customer owned, repairs and service calls for wiring problems billed to the customer unless subscribed to the wire maintenance agreement.
Call Blocking Services
There is no charge for call blocking.
Custom Calling Features
Long Distance Service
(No charge to block long distance.)
If Yes, Please Select An Option Below
Preferred Carrier Freeze
A preferred carrier freeze prevents a change in your long distance provider without your express consent. There is no charge for this service.
Voice Mail
For home or business, we can provide a variety of voice messaging options. Simple, Reliable, Convenient
Internet Service
(local phone service is required if you want Internet)
$25 installation fee
Your TBC Internet account entitles you to FREE access to INS WiFi HotSpot locations wherever available. Login in with your primary username and password. A link to a map of INS WiFi HotSpot locations is available on our website.
If you will not be using your @netINS.net email address, please provide us with your email address so we can forward email from your @netINS.net email account so you will receive important communications from netINS and TBC
Prices and Availability subject to change without notice. Not all tiers of service are available in all service areas. Symmetrical speeds not available in all areas. *Residential prices. Ask for business prices.
Internet Terms
You are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the Titonka-Burt Communications Acceptable Use Policy available at http://www.tbctel.com/internet/acceptable-use-policy .  We will print the Acceptable Use Policy for you at your request.  Our network management information is available at http://www.tbctel.com/internet/network-management. 
SecureIT Plus
Virus and spyware protection, pop-up ad blocking, applications of critical Microsoft patches, firewall, and hard drive maintenance are vitally important for your computer. SecrueIT Plus does all the work for you by providing fully automated protection for $5.95/month. Parental controls and content filtering are also available. SecureIT Plus includes 24/7 technical support. Your first month of SecureIT Plus is FREE!
Wireless Routers
Enter desired router name or enter "default" to use default router name.
enter desired password (minimum 8 characters) or enter "default" to default wireless password
(minimum 8 characters)
Digital TV Service
DIGITAL TV: We do not sell Digital TV as a stand alone service, you must also have local telephone service.
1 DVR & 1 STB included in Premier & Expanded Basic Pkgs. 1 STB included in Basic Pkg.
Additional Charge
Watch TVEverywhere is available at no charge to our Premier DTV customers. You can watch your favorite programs on your mobile devices, tablets and computer; from everywhere you have a WiFi connection. Would you like us to set up an account for you?
Manage My TVs Mobile App for Android and Apple Devices is available to all TBC DTV customers. Would you like us to enable access for you?
Notice Regarding Your rights To Privacy Of Information
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently revised certain rules pertaining to the information that we have concerning the services we bill to you, known as Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI. This would include such things as the type and quantity of the services subscribed to, the equipment and facilitates used and the numbers, dates, times and durations of the calls you place. This notice is to inform you of our policies in this regard, and your rights to protect the information about the telecommunications services you purchase. Use of CPNI by Titonka-Burt Communications and its affiliated entities providing telecommunications related services, as well at third party agents and joint venture partners providing communications related services: We will adopt a policy, as allowed by the FCC, to consider that all subscribers have given their consent to use CPNI for our own company and its related affiliates, but that you have the right to tell us in writing that you do not wish us to use your information for this purpose. This would generally mean that the free flow of information needed so that you may reap the benefits in the form of more personalized service offerings and possible cost savings would be limited by the restriction to CPNI information. We may not be able to introduce you to products or services that may interest you. Please choose your option below.
Enter the date you would like service to begin.
Terms of Service
Titonka Telephone Company Terms of Service – Local Exchange Service About These Terms and Conditions: Titonka Telephone Company (the “Company”) provides regulated local exchange services and facilities (“Service”) pursuant to our “Terms of Service,” inclusive of this cover page and the additional terms attached to or referenced herein. Previously, the Company provided Service pursuant to a Local Services Tariff filed with and approved by the Iowa Utilities Board. As a result of recent changes to applicable laws and regulations, the Company no longer files a Local Services Tariff with the Iowa Utilities Board. We now provide Service pursuant our Terms of Service, which include the following documents, each as may be applicable to your specific Services and as may be amended or modified from time to time. The tariff will be available until the effective date on the Iowa Utilities Board website at https://efs.iowa.gov/efs/ShowDocumentSearch.do?searchType=tarifff : (a) Our Standard Agreement for Local Exchange Service; (b) Our Rules and Regulations for Local Exchange Service; (c) Our Service Guide – Local Exchange Service; (d) Our Service Guide – General Exchange Service; and (e) Our Rate Schedules. Effective Date: These Terms of Service are effective as of December 1, 2014 (the “Effective Date”). These Terms of Service cancel and supersede (i) the Company’s Local Services Tariff previously filed with and approved by the Iowa Utilities Board and (ii) any terms and conditions of service published by the Company and effective prior to the Effective Date. "Changes to these Terms: Our Terms of Service are available at the Company’s office, on the Company’s website or by email or U.S. Mail upon request. We may change rates, terms and conditions or other Terms of Service at any time by giving you notice as required by law. The notice may be provided on your monthly bill, as a bill insert, by email, on our website or by other written communication or notice as permitted or required by applicable law or regulation. If you elect not to cancel your Service and continue to use Service after the communicated effective date of any such changes, your continued use of Service will constitute acceptance of the modified Terms of Service. Additional Services: These Terms of Service apply to local exchange services regulated by the Iowa Utilities Board. The Company may also offer or provide other products and services, including unregulated telecommunications or communications services. Such products and services are not covered by these Terms of Service, but may be subject to other service contracts or terms and conditions of service provided or made available to customers in connection with those products and services. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY. BY ORDERING AND USING SERVICE, YOU AGREE TO COMPLY WITH OUR TERMS OF SERVICE. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT OUR TERMS OF SERVICE, PLEASE NOTIFY US PRIOR TO INSTALLATION OR ACTIVATION OF SERVICE, AND WE WILL CANCEL YOUR SERVICE ORDER OR DISCONNECT YOUR SERVICE.
Battery Backkup Power for Fiber-Optic Customers
Battery Backup Power for Fiber-Optic Customers Conventional telephone service has always provided electrical service from the phone provider such as Titonka-Burt Communications. However, today’s advanced communication systems require a backup battery power system at the customer’s home or business to continue services during electrical power outages. To avoid an interruption of voice service during an outage and maintain the ability to call 911 emergency services, Titonka-Burt Communications offers you the option of purchasing a larger battery backup unit. What the Battery Backup does and what it does NOT do for you TBC’s backup battery supports the electronic device called an ‘Optic Network Terminal’ or ‘ONT’ for short. The ONT provides your Telephone, Internet and Television services. In the event of electrical outage, our battery backup will ONLY preserve the telephone service for emergency calling purposes. Cordless telephones will not work unless they are connected to a power source during the electrical outage Our battery backup unit does not provide power to any other services, only voice. Rest assured that once electricity is restored from your power provider, your internet and television services will resume as before. Battery Backup Duration and System Operation Our installed battery backup should provide emergency calling services for at least 8 hours of standby readiness. It should provide around 6 hours of talk time should you use the phone during power outage. If you feel that 8+ hours of standby time is inadequate, you are welcome to inquire about purchasing a battery backup unit capable of providing 24+ hours of standby availability. Purchase and Replacement Options When the Fiber Optic service was installed at your house or business, part of the installation included one battery backup, which is sufficient to guarantee telephone service for several hours of outage. Titonka-Burt Communications will continue to support this battery backup as an extension of our network, should the battery fail or the backup system cease to provide power. As an option, if you would like to have additional power availability without having to change batteries during an outage, Titonka-Burt Communications does sell a larger battery backup system that is capable of 24+ hours of available standby time with talk time over 12 hours. The cost of this system is $140.00 installed and available by appointment.
In making this application for the above selected services from Titonka-Burt Communications, the undersigned agrees to the rules and regulations of Titonka-Burt Communications as set forth in the "Terms of Service" identified in our Services Catalog. This application becomes a contract when accepted by Titonka-Burt Communications. Titonka-Burt Communications requires deposits for new services as follows: Telephone – 2 x the basic services monthly rate; Digital TV - 1 x the monthly rate of subscribed services, Internet – 1 x the monthly rate of subscribed services. All installation fees must be paid in advance. Statements are mailed on the first of each month and are due on the 20th. A photo ID will be required before services are installed.